Gravel Driveway Ideas for Somerset

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Here are some ideas on what choices are available to you when getting a gravel driveway installed in Somerset. Natural stone, colour retention and permeable, it makes a wonderful traditional styled driveway that is very affordable when compared to other choices.

Gravel or shingle is a natural stone, most often laid using a gold colour or autumn mix colour. Gravel ranges from small pea shingle size of 2mm to upwards of 40mm stone sizes which makes it suitable for low maintenance flower beds and driveways with vehicle traffic.

On driveways, we recommend a larger  stone size as the smaller stone will get crushed over a short period of time when cars are driving over it. Walking through larger gravel can be a bit tricky especially in heels so we can recommend a little pathway to make moving through it easier by foot.

Pro tip, make sure to use stabilisers for any gravel area that is on a slope. This will help to contain the gravel. Another pro tip is a small paved entrance to your home to ensure the stone gets left outside your house and not dragged into it!

Here are 6 examples to give you some ideas for your gravel driveway in Somerset.


Not sure if you want gravel? Go visit our driveway ideas to see more examples of surfacing for your driveway in Somerset.

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