Concrete Driveway Ideas in Somerset

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Are you looking for some ideas on what a concrete or patterned concrete driveway would look like at your home in Somerset? Not sure what even imprint concrete is? Here is some information and examples of the different types of imprint concrete available from DPS Somerset.

What is Patterned / Imprint Concrete?

Imprint or patterned concrete is the finish that is applied to the top of a concrete surface. Imprint comes from the term of printing or imprinting the pattern into the concrete whilst it is still wet. Patterned is obviously the patterning finish of the concrete.

Generally a thick concrete surface is applied to the driveway and the top layer, approx. 1 inch is the finish that is worked with in order to create the imprint. This is also coloured using a dye mix to get the shade of colour you want for the driveway as well.

Most common patterns for concrete are imitation paving, cobblestone and slab finishes. All are done to make it look similar to the real thing and coloured in whatever style you would like. We recommend sealing your concrete once its completed to lock in the colour.

6 Imprint Driveway Ideas For Somerset

Not sure about patterned concrete? Visit our driveway inspiration and ideas section to see more examples of driveway surfacing in Somerset.

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