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Since block paving comes in many different styles and colours, it can really help to see examples of driveways that are laid using block paving in Somerset. Look further down the page to get some ideas on what type of block paving is available for your driveway.

Lets start off with the most common type of block paving. Standard block paving which is laid in a variety of patterns. The most common pattern for block paving is the herringbone pattern as it helps to lock the block paving in place.

Herringbone patterns are laid at either 45degree or 90degree angle generally off of the house since the driveway is usually squared off the house. The picture below shows you most of the laying patterns available with block paving.

Types Of Patterns For Block Paving


Paving Pattern
Most Common Patterns For Laying Block Paving

As you can see, even with just laying patterns, block paving is an amazing versatile surface which will allow you to create a fairly unique driveway entrance in Somerset. The next pictures will show you some of the different types of patterns above actually laid on a driveway.

Ok, so now you know what different paving patterns look like when laid on a driveway, how about what colours are available? Again, even though we have 3 main manufacturers in the UK for block paving, Marshalls, Tobermore and Barleystone(There are more but these are the 3 biggest and known brands), the colour naming scheme is very similar.

We recommend visiting the supplier website to get a better ideas of the colours. If you find one colour you like with a supplier, chances are the other suppliers will have a slight variation of that specific colour. The most common types of colours for block paving are:

Block Paving Colours

Another type of block paving product often confused is Tegula paving. It belongs to the block paving group as it is made using the same process with the changes being in the sizes and textured finishes. The two most common types of Tegula are the standard Tegula and rumbled Tegula.

The rumbled Tegula is meant to look more like original cobbles in finish than the standard but both are still manufactured concrete products which makes them cheaper than the real thing.

Tegula Paving Styles

Tegula is slightly more expensive to purchase than block paving and the installation will take slightly longer as it is harder to build up a rhythm laying Tegula vs block paving. Most common types of Tegula driveways are laid using 3 sizes but you can have a Tegula paved driveway by only using 1 size. We recommend if you are going for one size, to just use the largest size as the smallest size would not make the strongest driveway possible.

Tegula Laid On Driveways

Lets finish this all off with 6 very different laid driveways in different colours. We hope you find some inspiration or have a better idea of what type of block paving would look good on your driveway in Somerset.

6 Different Types Of Paved Driveways

If you are not sure over block paving, you can visit our driveway ideas to see other examples of driveways. Otherwise, head over to our contact page to book a free estimate!

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