Driveway Features for Somerset

Most people only focus on the type of driveway surface they would like whilst forgetting the many features that are available to enhance the entrance to your home in Somerset.

Some of these are necessary features such as drainage whilst others such as driveway lighting it optional but can really enhance the overall appearance.

Have a look through our various driveway features and how they can help to improve even more the quality driveways we install in Somerset.

Entrance Steps On Your Driveway in Somerset

Entrance Door Steps For Driveways in Somerset

By DPS Somerset / January 28, 2021

Steps leading into your home not only serve a function purpose. They represent a chance to enhance the appearance around the entry way and provide some style or contrast to the rest of the driveway. You can have a curved step, square step or half circle (semi-moon) step on your driveway. It can built using … Read more

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Types Of Driveway Edging in Somerset

By DPS Somerset / January 11, 2021

Driveway edging or driveway kerbing in Somerset provides a tasteful way of boxing off or containing your driveway. It provides a way to retain flower beds or separate your driveway from the road or neighbours driveway in Somerset. Block paving kerbs come available in a variety to blend in with standard block paving in Somerset … Read more

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Block Paving Patterns

Paving Patterns For Your Driveway in Somerset

By DPS Somerset / June 21, 2020

Inserting patterns into your block paving in Somerset is a great way of breaking up the pattern especially on larger driveways in Somerset. The most common type of pattern we insert into block is the diamond shape which locks in without any extra cutting being required for the driveway. Circular patterns can be inserted as … Read more

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Recessed Manhole Covers for Somerset

Replacing Manhole Covers in Somerset

By DPS Somerset / April 11, 2020

There is nothing worse than a beautiful new paved driveway in Somerset and in the middle of it, a big steel lidded manhole cover. It stands out like a sore thumb and for a very affordable price, it can replaced with a recessed inspection chamber instead. They are often called inverted covers as well since … Read more

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Drainage For Your Driveway in Somerset

By DPS Somerset / October 5, 2019

An overlooked feature for driveways that are an actual requirement especially with SUDS regulations is drainage. The most common type of drainage we use in Somerset are Aco channel drains. They lock together and can be ran in a line to catch surface water. The benefit to Aco channel drains is that the lid can … Read more

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